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Dwellings & Structures

These galleries showcase some of our favorite projects. We hope that you will get a taste of our passion for our work in this small sampling.

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Sudbury  House

1400 sq ft single family home and ADU

Copy of IMAGE_1_2 - Photo.jpg


Weybridge House

1400 sq ft single family home and arts studio  

Round House

1200 sq ft single family home featuring a unique hogan-style structure, true conical roof and a double bell Russian masonry heater.  

Music at the Riverbend

Lake Champlian Maritime Museum

Public performance space for the town of Brandon, VT. 

Traditionally riveted steel arch structure for the museum's

foundry.  Vergennes, VT.  

final_10_16 - Photo_edited.jpg

Micro-housing from Old Wooden Silo

Design proposal for repurposing an old Unadillo Wood Stave Silo. 

Model 2_linesdeleted_Docset.jpg

Jade Family Farm Cottage

Traditional rubble stonework on rubble trench foundation. 


Snake House


1000 sq ft single family home for an organic chicken farmer built on an existing 150 year old rubble masonry foundation after the previous structure burned down. Comprised of AAC block, local timbers, and lime plaster. Named "Snake House" due to the high number of large snakes found in the old foundation.



1800 sq ft stick frame dwelling and adjacent guest cottage with blown cellulose insulation. Lime plaster inside and out. Radiant floor and masonry woodstove heat. Handcrafted doors and woodwork throughout. This  home is unique in that it is "upside down," meaning that the living space is on the second floor and the sleeping quarters are on the first floor. This allows residents to enjoy rising warmth during the day, and retreat into cooler areas below at night.


Fortress on

the Hill

1100 sq ft rastra block home overlooking the scenic Appalachian Mountains, featuring handmade windows and doors, handmade tiles, masonry woodstove heat with radiant floor heat on the first floor, wraparound porch, local timbers, and uniquely welded steel trusses. This house is also in the "upside down" style, with living space on the second floor and sleeping areas below.

Alchemy Workshop

2000 sq ft office, workshop, residence and cottages utilizing AAC and ICF blocks, handmade windows and doors, lime plaster, handmade tile, masonry woodstove and radiant floor heat, concrete countertops, local timbers and steel. Designed for passive cooling, it is nestled into the surrounding landscape.


Creek House

Perched on the edge of a ravine and close to the running waters of a creek, each room in this long , skinny house is deeply connected to landscape. 3000 sq ft residence and with cottage utilizing AAC and epscrete ICF blocks, handmade windows and doors, lime plaster, Rumsford fireplace and radiant floor heat, concrete countertops, local timbers and hand-made steel elements. Massive epscrete walls and generous roof insulation make for low energy consumption year round.


Connellsville Arch

The Connellsville (PA) Redevelopment Authority commissioned the arch as part of the Trail Towns Public Art Project - a celebration of small towns along the Great Allegheny Passage in 2008.  The fourteen-foot-tall arch welcomes visitors from the north to Connellsville, and is composed of cast concrete, coal, riveted steel and stained glass, to represent four major Alleghanian industries.  The glass was manufactured at the Youghiogheny Glass Factory in Connellsville.    


Intern and guest quarters for the Alchemy Workshop.  

Riverside Retreat

Custom addition built onto a handcrafted home on the banks of the Juniata River. Unique elements abound: interior roofing timbers, slate shingles, handmade door, flagstone patio.

Buffalo Club

Renovation of traditional Applachian "pout shack" with garage addition. Roof rebuilt with local timbers, windows replaced with Youghiogheny glass trim. Original floorboards left in place with artesian spring pool in center. Handmade tile throughout.


Complete fit-out of vacant office space into a one-of-a-kind frozen yogurt store in South Philadelphia. Although commercial building is not our usual field, we still took every opportunity to imbue the space with our personal flair: custom curved countertops, "ice cube" style bench seating, and what would become the Igloo's trademark frosted glass display wall.

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