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Livingstructure is a worker-owned collective for autonomous architecture.  We facilitate self-built housing and community-based initiatives for the built environment.   

Our mission is to change the way buildings are made by rekindling the passion for the vernacular in everyday life.  By altering the material and social ecology of buildings, we nurture a more socially responsive and environmentally sound approach to the built world.

The unique nature of our work embraces diverse sets of skills and methods, both traditional and contemporary. We work with a broad, vibrant material palette that is as local as possible. This includes timbers, stone, clay, earthen and lime plasters, steel, and other found or re-purposed objects and materials.


The core component of our building ecology is our locally produced BASEBlockICF Insulating Wall System.  BASEBlock is composed of 90% recycled content and provides for superior thermal performance and low cost. 

We are based in Brandon, VT.


A series of galleries showcasing some of our favorite projects, mostly homes and renovations. Click on the photo to go to the Dwellings page.


Images highlighting the artisan details and handcrafted components of our structures. Click the photo to go to the Elements page.


A selection of sketches, models, and computer-generated schematics of projects, some finished and others never actualized. Click the photo to go to the Drawings page.

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