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What makes Livingstructure thrive is the dedication and enthusiasm of our crew. Much of what drives us is inspired by The Timeless Way of Building, which melds structures into the landscape through "quality without a name".

We offer:

  • -Apprenticeships for craftspeople interested in learning alternatives to the modern, conventional approaches to building


  • -Internships for those wishing to get hands-on learning experience in all facets of building from the ground up


  • -Opportunities for social research and camaraderie


  • -Hosting is occasionally available for traveling workers. We have enjoyed the skills and company of people from all corners of the globe.


The quality of our work is a reflection of the earnestness, artistry and expertise of each member of our crew. Without so many passionate workers, we would never be able to build the way we do.

To learn more, please email us at 


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